Musicians Ear Plugs


Loud music damages hearing man playing loud music on guitar

Listening to loud music can damage your hearing just like listening to a jack hammer. Any one who listens or plays loud music can damage their hearing due to the loudness of the sound.

Musician ear plugs are a customized special type of ear plug used by musicians to protect their hearing. Ear plugs used to keep out loud noise usually provide better protection against high pitch sounds than low pitch sounds.

Listening to music with conventional ear plugs can distort the sound quality and make it difficult for musicians to hear and play in tune.

Musician earplugs provide the solution to this problem. This special type of plug provides protection in an even way across all pitches and allows the musician to hear the music in tune, just at a softer volume.

There are three different levels of protection: – 10 dB, 15 dB and 25 dB

Being a musician does not mean you have to lose your hearing.

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