Providing full diagnostic testing, auditory processing evaluations, and counseling providing world class care for all ages...

At the forefront of tinnitus therapy for 35 years, reduce the level of your tinnitus related distress and get on with your life…

An innovative hearing re-connection program that guarantees that you can wear your hearing aids all day every day..

A service for work, carrying out noise surveys, hearing tests and reviews for noise exposed workers …

Tasmanian Centre for Hearing leading the way with management of this under diagnosed debilitating hearing problem..

Tasmanian Centre For Hearing 

Hearing Loss is a serious Health condition which needs personalised, professional care..

We are one of Australia’s longest running, locally owned, independent Audiology Clinics. Located in the heart of Hobart, Tasmania, on the ground floor at 158 Collins Street, within easy reach of car parking, public transport and convenient drop-off zone right in front of our office.

Hearing loss has difficult implications. Our experienced Audiologists provide services with care and understanding and focus attention on your individual needs. Our clinic is equipped for all ages- babies, children, teenagers, young adults,  mum, dad, vintage family members; and all occupations – students, tradies, engineers, teachers, medical, shop assistants and more…..More About Us

Tasmanian Centre for Hearing for Children

Featured Articles

Musicians Ear Plugs

Musicians Ear Plugs Loud music damages hearing. It is as simple as that! Listening to loud music can damage your hearing just like listening to a jackhammer. Anyone who listens or plays loud music can damage their hearing due to the loudness of the sound. Musician...

Industrial Hearing Screening

Industrial Hearing Screening The Tasmanian Centre for Hearing and its industrial screening business, Sound Advice Tasmania Pty Ltd have been providing services to Tasmanian businesses for over 25 years.  All noise exposed workers should have their hearing monitored to...

Diving Tests

Diving Tests Validated Hearing TestsHearing tests are required for activities such as diving, flying and some motor vehicle licenses.At the Tasmanian Centre for Hearing we are able to undertake the appropriate tests required for fulfilling regulatory or licensing...


Hyperacusis   What is Hyperacusis Hyperacusis is a hearing anomaly where everyday sounds and noises are very very loud. This heightened sensitivity can range from mild to  uncomfortable, painful, distressing and socially impossible. Sounds at a certain pitch or...


Balance is vital for everyday living Your balance system is vital for normal every day activities. Balance problems can cause profound disruptions in your daily life and increase the risk of falls. A compromised balance system can shorten your attention span, disrupt...


Tinnitus What is Tinnitus Tinnitus is noises or sounds that a person hears in the head but there is no external sound present. Having tinnitus can be extremely distressing, especially when family and friends do no understand. Being told by health professionals to ”...

From Our Clients

“At last someone who really understands. I cannot thank the Tas Hearing Centre team enough.”
Emma P

“Hyperacusis is awful. The wholistic approach of the TCH team has given me back my life”

Rae S-J


“I never knew I was losing my hearing. Now I use the right protection at work. “

Darren V


“My wife says I am easier to live with since my tinnitus is better managed. Thanks ”

Peter J


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