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Audiologist testing child Man with earphones

Hearing Clinic for all agesclinician assessing child hearing

Are you having problems hearing, Are those around you mumbling. Do you have a child that is having trouble at school and is being disruptive…

There are many issues connected to reduced hearing and our ability to derive meaning from the sound we hear.

The Tasmanian Hearing Centre provides a full range of hearing care services for all ages, from babies through to the elderly. Our patient-centered approach allows us to focus on satisfying your hearing care needs, whatever they may be. Our practice will work with you to diagnose and find solutions for your hearing and tinnitus concerns using state-of-the-art equipment and the most advanced technology.

Hearing Evaluations and Consultations

A diagnostic hearing evaluation is the first step in determining the type, degree, configuration and symmetry of a hearing loss. The evaluation includes a variety of measurements to rule out any medically treatable causes of hearing loss. Speech testing will also be completed to determine your ability to process speech sounds. We have appropriate equipment to test young toddlers and children as well. The audiologist will then explain your test results and discuss the best treatment or management solution for you, with the ultimate goal of enhancing hearing and communication.

Independent Clinic

The centre is a totally independent clinic. We are not owned by or aligned with any hearing aid manufacturer. We constantly review and source a range of hearing aid technology that we believe provides our clients with value, technology and outcome. Our advice is independent and on principle we do not take incentives and / or commissions to recommend technology from hearing aid manufacturers.


The centre is staffed by Audiologists, Audiometrists, Industrial Screeners and our wonderful reception and support staff. Continuing professional development and education is undertaken by all members of the team.

Funding of Audiological Services

The Tasmanian Centre for Hearing is a recognised private Audiology practice.  Eligible clients are able to obtain funding assistance for our services in the following circumstances:

  • Office of Hearing Services program. To be eligible must be a pensioner, part pensioner or recognised veteran
  • Medicare – Enhanced Primary Care program.  See your G.P. for whether you are eligible for this program
  • Medicare – Via Specialist Referral from an Ear, Nose & Throat Specialist and / or Neurologist
  • Private health funds – contact your fund directly for eligibility for refund with regards to hearing services and aids
  • Tax return medical rebate– speak to your accountant/ tax professional on how this rebate may be applicable

Our Hearing Tests

Hearing testing is painless, comfortable, and safe. It consists of answering questions about your hearing health, recognizing everyday words at different volume levels, and identifying tones of differing sound frequencies reproduced with headphones. Your ability to hear each tone, or frequency, reveals the unique hearing pattern of your hearing abilities, which we then record on an audiogram. More….

Diagnostic Services

Our Audiologists determine which diagnostic services and hearing evaluations are appropriate for each individual person. Age, symptoms, history, environment and much much more are taken into consideration. Diagnostic services available include:

  • Video Otoscopy
  • Real Ear Verification and Speech Mapping measurements
  • Complete diagnostic hearing evaluations for all ages
  • Videonystagmography (VNG) – assessment of balance and dizziness
  • Evaluation and management of tinnitus
  • Immittance testing (Tympanometry and acoustic reflexes) for middle ear function
  • Otoacoustic emissions (OAE) evaluation
  • Auditory brainstem response (ABR) evaluation
  • Electrocochleography

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Our Locations in Tasmania:

158 Collins St Hobart

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158 Collins St Hobart

9 Dowling St Launceston

Audiologist testing child Man with earphones

Call Now (03) 6223 5444

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Common Hearing Related Conditions


Man with tinnitus induced headache

Do you experience a constant sound in your head, like a motor running, rain on the roof, crickets, buzzing, humming, piercing whistles?? Tinnitus can be with you the whole time you are awake and even disturb your sleep. It can be extremely distressing. Imagine the last time you tried to get to sleep with a dripping tap. You just had to turn it off before you could sleep… What if you could not turn it off???! Tinnitus is caused by too many neurotransmitters being produced that overstimulates the brain. And YES Tinnitus can be treated. The Tasmanian Centre for Hearing audiologists can provide:

  • Full assessment and counseling
  • Management with sound enrichment, tinnitus retraining therapy
  • Management with innovative natural controlled sound and desensitization  More…


Do you have difficulty tolerating the everyday sounds of life.  Do you even find many sounds are unpleasant, annoying and even painful. Hyperacusis is a more extreme form of decreased sound tolerance. Most people find the everyday sounds of life quite normal and even a pleasure. In the majority of cases people do not associate their distress, anxiety, agression and often, constant headaches to the sounds around them. People coming to our clinic are often very surprised when they find that the source of their distress is their decreased sound tolerance. YES Hyperacusis can be treated. Our clinic can provide:

  • Full assessment and counseling
  • Management with innovative natural controlled sound and desensitization More

Loss of Balance and Increasing Dizziness

If you are feeling dizzy or unbalanced an objective assessment of your balance system may help. Tasmanian Balance Clinic has been developed with the latest equipment and test battery to pursue this under recognised debilitating issue. For More….

Further Hearing Services

Industrial Hearing Conservation hearing protection in the workplace

We help Tasmanian businesses manage noise levels in their workplace and meet OH&S obligations for industrial deafness and noise.  Our consultancy service  – Sound Advice Tasmania Pty Ltd provides on-site testing. Individual appointments for employees may also be made at the Tasmanian Centre for Hearing.

Audiometry for Children

Our clinic performs audiograms in a child friendly, especially equipped clinic room with soundproof test booth. Our testing may include:

  • Behavioural Observation Audiometry
  • Visual Reinforcement Audiometry
  • Play Audiometry
  • Otoacoustic Emissions
  • Impedence Testing for paediatrics
  • For more detail click here….

Musicians Ear Plugsman playing loud music on guitar

Any one who listens or plays loud music can damage their hearing due to the loudness of the sound. Conventional ear plugs can distort the sound quality, while our special type of plug provides protection in an even way across all pitches and allows the musician to hear the music in tune, just at a softer volume.  More….

Diving Tests

Hearing tests are required for activities such as diving, flying and some motor vehicle licenses. More….

Advance Hearing Laboratories

  • Local repair and service of hearing aids
  • Manufacture of ear moulds and earplugs for noise and water exclusion.

Hearing Aidshearing aid in place behind ear

Learning to use, manage and take care of hearing aids requires time, effort and support from family, friends and the team at the Tasmanian Centre for Hearing.

There are lots of different types and levels of hearing aid technology. How can someone know what technology will best suit their hearing needs? At the Tasmanian Centre for Hearing we believe direct experience of how hearing aids sound and perform enable clients to make their own informed decisions. More….