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Tasmanian Centre For Hearing

‘Hearing Loss is a serious Health condition which needs personalised, professional care..’

We are one of Australia’s longest running, locally owned, independent Audiology Clinics.

Located in the heart of Hobart, Tasmania, on the ground floor at 158 Collins Street, within easy reach of car parking, public transport and convenient drop-off zone right in front of our office.

Hearing loss has difficult implications. Our experienced Audiologists provide services with care and understanding and focus attention on your individual needs.

Our clinic is equipped for all ages- babies, children, teenagers, young adults,  mum, dad, vintage family members; and all occupations – students, tradies, engineers, teachers, medical, shop assistants and more…..More About Us

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Hearing Device Manufacturer Independence

The Tasmanian Centre for Hearing has built relationships with the world’s leading hearing technology manufacturers and suppliers over many years and thousands of clients.

Our audiologists and audiometrists access all the latest hearing care research, trends and technologies.

The ability to blend extensive experience with emerging technologies and our client’s real-life hearing needs is the essence of our independent, customised client care.

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From Our Clients

“At last someone who really understands. I cannot thank the Tas Hearing Centre team enough.”
Emma P

“Hyperacusis is awful. The wholistic approach of the TCH team has given me back my life”

Rae S-J


“I never knew I was losing my hearing. Now I use the right protection at work. “

Darren V


“My wife says I am easier to live with since my tinnitus is better managed. Thanks ”

Peter J


Audiologist  at Tasmanian Centre for Hearing Hobart

Our Clinic Locations

158 Collins Street, HOBART

9 Dowling Street, LAUNCESTON

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COVID Restrictions for Hearing Clinics

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Balance and Dizziness Clinic

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