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Tinnitus Hyperacusis Head Pain

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Tinnitus and Balance Disorders are more common than you think. One or both can occur at any age. The causes are varied frustrating. Doing nothing is not a solution. Withdrawing from your life, family or work will not solve the problem. There are plenty of claims in the marketplace, many ways to spend money for a nil result. *The Tasmanian Centre for Hearing has proven management interventions that work for Hearing Related Tinnitus and Balance problems


Tinnitus is noises or sounds that a person hears in the head but there is no external sound present.

Having tinnitus can be extremely distressing, especially when family and friends do no understand. Being told by health professionals to ” just ignore the tinnitus” is incredibly inappropriate, and yet this occurs regularly. It is now generally accepted that tinnitus is caused by an excess of neurotransmitters being produced that overstimulates the brain.

The Tasmanian Centre for Hearing has specialist staff with the latest management and rehabilitation techniques that can reduce the level of distress associated with your tinnitus.

First 3 Steps for Tinnitus

  1. Full assessment and counselling
  2. Management and sound enrichment, tinnitus retraining therapy
  3. Management with innovative natural controlled sound and desnsitization

If you need help with your tinnitus, call the clinic now to book a tinnitus assessment and find out how we can assist you.

Balancehearing affects balance of young woman

Your balance system is vital for normal every day activities. Balance problems can cause profound disruptions in your daily life and increase the risk of falls. A compromised balance system can shorten your attention span, disrupt normal sleep patterns, and/or cause excessive stress and fatigue.

Your Balance System

Comes from 3 systems working together :

  • Visual system
  • Sensors in your joints and muscles
  • Vestibular system located in your inner ear

When balance is normal all three systems are perfectly matched. If one or more of these systems are compromised, conflicting information sent to the brain may make you feel dizzy and / or unbalanced.

Balance Problems

There are many different types of balance problems with a large range of possible causes. Dizziness, staggering gait, nausea and visual disturbances are but a few. It often requires a variety of health professional to work together to determine the source of the problem and subsequent treatment options.

Audiological Testinghearing for mature couples

Testing facilities for individuals with balance and dizziness problems are available at the Tasmanian Centre for Hearing. The Balance Clinic has the latest equipment and test battery to assess balance problems. Also available is a range of electro-physiology tests that provide information on hearing issues beyond the ear and up to the brain. At the Tasmanian Centre for Hearing, Audiologists can conduct a variety of tests to determine whether the vestibular system located in your inner ear is the cause of your balance problem. If your vestibular system is not the cause of your Balance problems then appropriate referrals and further investigations can be made.

To get started with your Balance issues ring The Tasmanian Balance Clinic – a part of the Tasmanian Centre for Hearingphone (03) 62 235 444



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Tinnitus Hyperacusis Head Pain

Call on (03) 6223 5444

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