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 There is a lot more to the successful use of hearing aids than just the initial fitting of them.

Like purchasing a new car and being unable to drive, time and effort needs to be spent learning how to drive.

Learning to use and manage hearing aids requires time, effort and support from family, friends and the team at the Tasmanian Centre for Hearing.

Hearing aids are the tool that we work with help resolve the problems that you are experiencing with your hearing.

Fitting and Adjustments

The fitting of hearing aids is not secret squirrell business. It is up front on large computer screen which you and the audiologist see together.

The correct adjustment of a Hearing Aid can be quite subtle. We must change the parameter without given your brain a reason to push back.

Regular visits to optimize hearing

Regular visits to adjust your hearing aids as you learn to hear and optimize your hearing ability generally requires 12 months of visits and support.

Your hearing aids should sound comfortable and be comfortable to wear at all times.

To experience for yourself how comfortable and easy it is to wear hearing aids book now for a FREE trial of hearing aids

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