Industrial Hearing Screening

hearing protection in the workplaceThe Tasmanian Centre for Hearing and its industrial screening business, Sound Advice Tasmania Pty Ltd have been providing services to Tasmanian businesses for over 25 years.  All noise exposed workers should have their hearing monitored to assess whether they are adequately protected against noise in their workplace. Hearing screens can be conducted in the clinic or on-site in our mobile test facilities.

Monitor your hearing with Hearing Screening

Hearing screening consists of a quick 15 minute test that determines if further testing is required. Further comprehensive testing may be required to meet the Australian standards for workplace assessments with certain types of hearing problems.

Before your Hearing test

Workers prior to testing should not be exposed to loud noise as this can cause invalid results. The appropriate period of quiet can be achieved by wearing hearing protection that is in good condition prior to testing. Earmuffs are preferable to earplugs.

What to Bring

Workers are asked to bring their hearing protection with them to the hearing screen. Staff can inspect and provide advice on maintenance and care of hearing protection and whether protection levels need to be varied as a result of the hearing screen.

Discounts apply for work places with 4 or more employees.

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