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Workplace Hearing Safety

Mining, construction, manufacturing, forestry and industrial workplaces have, in the past, recorded some of the highest rates of hearing damage. OH&S rules are now in place to protect employees in these settings. Not surprisingly musicians are also a high risk group for hearing damage. The Tasmanian Centre for Hearing is a peak provider for these at risk employees. Some work and recreational settings require participants to have a “safe level” of hearing. These hearing requirements are related to the ability to receive communication that is delivered aurally rather than visually. A good example of this are pilots receiving verbal instructions from Air Traffic Control.

Sound Advice

The Tasmanian Hearing Centre’s – Sound Advice Tasmania Pty Ltd specialises hearing protection in the workplacein noise and hearing related aspects of OH&S. As a consultancy service for business owners and employers, we carry out workplace noise surveys, hearing tests for employees and reviews for noise exposed workers. Our trained professionals provide advice on appropriate hearing protection for your workplace and can arrange the manufacture of custom-made ear plugs fitted for your employees and can customize hearing protection solutions at very competitive prices. Sound Advice has a mobile hearing assessment van for on-site testing. Individual appointments for employees may also be arranged at the Tasmanian Centre for Hearing – Hobart or Launceston. Have a look at

Industrial Hearing Screening

The Tasmanian Centre for Hearing and its industrial screening business, Sound Advice Tasmania Pty Ltd have been providing services to Tasmanian businesses for over 25 years.  All noise exposed workers should have their hearing monitored to assess whether they are adequately protected against noise in their workplace. Hearing screens can be conducted in the clinic or on-site in our mobile test facilities. Hearing screening consists of a quick 15 minute test that determines if further testing is required. Further comprehensive testing may be required to meet the Australian standards for workplace assessments with certain types of hearing problems. Pre-testing Instructions and more information here …

Call now at (03) 6223 5444 and find out how we can help your workplace met your occupational health and safety requirements for noise exposed workers.

Musicians Ear Plugs

man playing loud music on guitarListening to loud music can damage your hearing just like listening to a jack hammer.

Any one who listens or plays loud music can damage their hearing due to the loudness of the sound. Musician ear plugs are a customized special type of ear plug used by musicians to protect their hearing. Ear plugs used to keep out loud noise usually provide better protection against high pitch sounds than low pitch sounds. Listening to music with conventional ear plugs can distort the sound quality and make it difficult for musicians to hear and play in tune. Find out more about Musician ear Plugs….

Call now at (03) 6223 5444 for an appointment if you are a musician who requires protection against developing hearing loss and tinnitus.


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Workplace Hearing Protection


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Diving Tests

man scuba diving under waterHearing tests are required for activities such as diving, flying and some motor vehicle licenses.

At the Tasmanian Centre for Hearing we are able to undertake the appropriate tests required for fulfilling regulatory or licensing requirements. Our test environments and test equipment is calibrated annually to meet the Australian Standards required for valid test result.

If you require a specific type of hearing test call now to make an appointment. Phone (03) 62 235 444